Olfactive discoveries


Olfactive Discoveries


Sense of smelling is our most primitive sense, and has long been given low importance or even disregarded; misconception! The first decade of life is generally key in building the long-term olfactory capabilities. The sense of smell is not systematically taught in the Belgian school system. We facilitate olfactive workshops to introduce children to this essential fifth sense. Children can practice their sense of smell and stimulate their olfactive memory through games, blind tests on scents and perfumery ingredients. We also offer an initiation to fragrance making, with the friendly support of an olfactive designer mother.

These workshops can be tailored for original private events, such as birthday parties. Get in touch!

Workshop Catalog

For children (group workshop)
With the friendly support of a creative designer mother, interactive games to stimulate the sense of smell and discover the fascinating world of scents and fragrances. Introduction to the olfactory system, scented vegetal materials, main fragrance families, and how a perfume is built. Creativity is stimulated by an initiation to fragrance blending, weighing and bottling. Children create a bespoke fragrance (10 ml).
2h30Children as from 8 years55€ / ppBook your scented trip